GUT! 2018 Summer Dinner Series

Dinner #1: July 29
Pre-Columbian / Postmodern

Traditional / indigenous ingredients available in the region prior to European settlement, but using modern preparation and plating

Dinner #2: August 26
Influx & Railroad Diaspora

Late 19th-Century Tucson with its confluence of cultures: Spanish, German, Irish, other European, Chinese… commingled with the traditional and changing cuisine of indigenous inhabitants of the region

Dinner #3: September 23
A Vision of the Future

Capturing the breadth of Tucson cuisine as at once hyperlocal and without borders. Bearing the influence of cuisines all over the world and the immigrant groups who have brought their traditions, but produced by local hands, with Tucson terroir

DUSK: November 10 & 11
Music Festival Downtown in Armory Park

Partnering with the producers of the DUSK music festival to vend GUT food from a megatent featuring four different concepts at a variety of price-points.